For Investors - Here are our differentiators


We believe that early-stage success is primarily about the people, and early-stage investing is not really about deal flow but about people flow.


We have strong ground teams in our biggest markets (Nigeria, Egypt, Diaspora) with access to unmatched talent, and visionary founders.

Decision Making

Startup investment selection and value addition must be made by experienced entrepreneurs and investors like us, with unique insights into local markets and into the founding team reputations.


Having spent the last two decades founding and running companies ourselves, in addition to launching hundreds of businesses at the Wennovation Hub and Loftyinc, and investing in scores of them, we are uniquely positioned to help and scale our portfolio companies.


Our angel fund boasts of the active participation of over 100 angels who are composed of senior executives in the banking, financial services, energy, agriculture, venture capital, and technology sectors across Africa, and are thus able to leverage their networks and knowledge of the African markets to spark early growth in investee companies and attract follow-on investments.

For Founders

Watch - Raising Capital as a Start-up in Nigeria

Our Collaborators