since 2011 we have invested in more than 40 African entrepreneurs

The Afropreneurs

. Website Industry Country
Abwaab Ed Tech Egypt/Jordan
Adient Healthcare Services United States
AlgoPay Financial Services Egypt
Andela Ed Tech Nigeria
Andium Industrial and Energy United States
Appruve Financial Services Ghana
Bata Nigeria Footwear Nigeria
Bitnob Financial Services Nigeria
BizBox IT - Enterprise Software Nigeria
BodAdmin IT - Enterprise Software Nigeria
Byte Food Pakistan
Chefaa Healthcare Services Egypt
Eden Life Food Nigeria
Epump Industrial and Energy Nigeria
Flutterwave Financial Services Nigeria
Health Tag Healthcare Services Egypt
Hutbay Real Estate Nigeria
Ilara Health Healthcare Services Kenya
Kyshi Financial Services United Kingdom
Maxwell Biosciences BioTech United States
Midchains Financial Services United Arab Emirates
Mono Financial Services Nigeria
Moove Transportation and Logistics Nigeria
Nervemobile Media and Entertainment Nigeria
OgaVenue Lifestyle and Recreation Nigeria
OnePipe Financial Services Nigeria
Printivo eCommerce Nigeria
Reach Financial Services Nigeria
ScholarX Ed Tech Nigeria
Shyft Power Industrial and Energy Nigeria
Sote Logistics Transportation and Logistics Kenya
Startchy Food United States
Sudo Financial Services Nigeria
Talent City Real Estate Nigeria
TalentQL, Inc. Ed Tech Nigeria
Thndr Financial Services Egypt
Tora Africa Transportation and Logistics Nigeria
Trella Transportation and Logistics Egypt
Ajala Travel/Recycling Nigeria
Vertmance Agric Partners Food Nigeria
Volumetric BioTech United States
Weave IT - Enterprise Software United States
Yako Healthcare Services Cameroon
Youverify Financial Services Nigeria
RelianceHMO (Kangpe) Healthcare Services Nigeria
Appetito eCommerce Egypt
Koniku BioTech USA
Tagaddod Industrial and Energy Egypt
Metalex Industrial and Energy Nigeria
Beam Media and Entertainment South Africa
Minly Media and Entertainment Egypt
BlotOut Enterprise Software USA
Asalyxa Bio BioTech USA