since 2011 we have invested in more than 40 African entrepreneurs

The Afropreneurs

. Website Industry Country
Abwaab Ed Tech Egypt/Jordan
Adient HealthTech United States
AlgoPay Financial Services Egypt
Andela Ed Tech Nigeria
Andium Industrial and Energy United States
Appruve Financial Services Ghana
Bata Nigeria Footwear Nigeria
Bitnob Crypto Nigeria
BizBox IT - Enterprise Software Nigeria
BodAdmin IT - Enterprise Software Nigeria
Byte Food Pakistan
Chefaa HealthTech Egypt
Eden Life Food Nigeria
Epump Industrial and Energy Nigeria
Flutterwave Financial Services Nigeria
Health Tag HealthTech Egypt
Hutbay Real Estate Nigeria
Ilara Health HealthTech Kenya
Kyshi Financial Services United Kingdom
Maxwell Biosciences HealthTech United States
Midchains Financial Services United Arab Emirates
Mono Financial Services Nigeria
Moove Transportation and Logistics Nigeria
Nervemobile Media and Entertainment Nigeria
OgaVenue Lifestyle and Recreation Nigeria
OnePipe Financial Services Nigeria
Printivo eCommerce Nigeria
Reach Financial Services Nigeria
ScholarX Ed Tech Nigeria
Shyft Power Industrial and Energy Nigeria
Sote Logistics Transportation and Logistics Kenya
Startchy Food United States
Sudo Financial Services Nigeria
Talent City Real Estate Nigeria
TalentQL, Inc. Ed Tech Nigeria
Thndr Financial Services Egypt
Tora Africa Transportation and Logistics Nigeria
Trella Transportation and Logistics Egypt
Ajala Travel/Recycling Nigeria
Vertmance Agric Partners Food Nigeria
Volumetric HealthTech United States
Weave IT - Enterprise Software United States
Yako HealthTech Cameroon
Youverify Financial Services Nigeria
RelianceHMO (Kangpe) HealthTech Nigeria
Appetito eCommerce Egypt
Koniku HealthTech United
Tagaddod Industrial and Energy Egypt
Metalex Industrial and Energy Nigeria
Beam Media and Entertainment South Africa
BlotOut Enterprise Software United States
Asalyxa Bio HealthTech United States
Raise FinTech Bahamas/Africa
Jatri Transportation & Logistics Bangladesh
StarNews Sports, Media, & Entertainment Cameroun
Afrikea eCommerce Cote d'Ivoire
InstaDiet HealthTech Egypt
Nawah Scientific HealthTech Egypt
Gahez Market B.V. eCommerce Egypt
Odiggo eCommerce Egypt
Money Hash FinTech Egypt
Supportfinity HR Tech Egypt
Pylon Industrial & Energy Egypt
ILLA for IT Transportation & Logistics Egypt
ShipBLu Transportation & Logistics Egypt
Yemaachi Biotechnology HealthTech Ghana
Tendo eCommerce Ghana
Second Stax FinTech Ghana
InstandRad HealthTech Ghana
African Digital Art CryptoTech Kenya
CashBack eCommerce Kenya
Dash-Spekra Fintech Kenya
FlexPay FinTech Kenya
Wowzi MarTech Kenya
Craydel Ed Tech Kenya
NestCoin CryptoTech Nigeria
eBanqo eCommerce Nigeria
OmniBiz eCommerce Nigeria
PayPecker eCommerce Nigeria
Sabi eCommerce Nigeria
AlumUnite Ed Tech Nigeria
Aku Fintech Inc FinTech Nigeria
Alladin Digital Bank Fintech Nigeria
Ceviant FinTech Nigeria
FlexFinance Fintech Nigeria
NoreBase FinTech Nigeria
TechAdvance Fintech Nigeria
Touch and Pay FinTech Nigeria
Orda FoodTech Nigeria
RoHealth HealthTech Nigeria
RxAll HealthTech Nigeria
Homefort Industrial & Energy Nigeria
Enlumi IT - Enterprise Software Nigeria
Terragon Group MarTech Nigeria
ATHLST Sports, Media, & Entertainment Nigeria
Treepz Transportation & Logistics Nigeria
Blink eCommerce Pakistan
HotPod FoodTech Pakistan
Tazah FoodTech Pakistan
Delsys Technology Limited Transportation & Logistics Pakistan
Oware Transportation & Logistics Pakistan
PayDay / TalentMatch FinTech Rwanda
eJara CryptoTech Senegal
Paps Transportation & Logistics Senegal
Foondamate Ed Tech South Africa
Akiba FinTech South Africa
Welo Health HealthTech South Africa
Smart Wage HR Tech South Africa
Epic Contests Sports, Media, & Entertainment South Africa
Bloom Financial Technologies FinTech Sudan
Rocket Health HealthTech Uganda
SimpliFi Fintech United Arab Emirates
FoodLama eCommerce United Kingdom
Apaya Fintech United Kingdom
Oja Express eCommerce United States
Growth University Ed Tech United States
Fitmatch FashionTech United States
EMTECH FinTech United States
Pipe FinTech United States
SydeCar FinTech United States
Whym Fintech United States
Landsdowne Labs HealthTech United States
Wellnest HealthTech United States
Archipelo IT - Enterprise Software United States
Datacy IT - Enterprise Software United States
Craft Aerospace Technologies Transportation & Logistics United States
Naya Studio Design Tech United States
Zazu FinTech Zambia
Volocopter Transportation & Logistics Germany
Ando FoodTech Kenya
Treinta IT - Enterprise Software Colombia
Aespace Lifestyle & Recreation United States
Outlaw Soaps Lifestyle & Recreation United States
Test Invite Ed Tech Turkey
Primerli Ed Tech United States
Return Key eCommerce Indonesia
Return Key FinTech Portugal
Prometeo Mexico
Pockyt FinTech United States
Yummy FinTech Venezuela
Yuva Pay FinTech India
Orbillion FoodTech United States
Sourse FoodTech United States
Lenco FinTech Nigeria
Zelf FinTech France
Cova FinTech Nigeria
Koibanx FinTech Argentina
Voosh FoodTech India
WallyHealth HealthTech United States
Palla FinTech Mexico
Hannah Life Tech HealthTech United States
Odoc HealthTech Cambodia
Troy Medicare HealthTech United States
Voyance IT - Enterprise Software Nigeria
Gimbooks IT - Enterprise Software India
Sandbox VR Media and Entertainment United States
Cutstruct PropertyTech Nigeria
Stagger eCommerce United States
Shopping OS Fintech United States
Vella Finance Fintech Nigeria
Angel List FinTech United States
Invoid FinTech India
Alba Orbital Aerospace United States
Resemble AI Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning United States
Hometuls ConstructionTech Columbia
Kwely eCommerce Senegal
Aleph eCommerce Brazil
Market Base eCommerce United States
Arbe Industrial & Energy United States
Appbind IT - Enterprise Software United States
NetSpyGlass IT - Enterprise Software United States
Parsagon IT - Enterprise Software United States
Morada Uno Real Estate Mexico
Anduin IT - Enterprise Software United States
Ontop HR Tech United States
AllIdoIsCook FoodTech United States
NestCoin CryptoTech Nigeria
Redcliffe Genetics BioTech India
Dot Pay FinTech Nigeria
Epinoma BioTech United States
Plerk FinTech Mexico
Soot IT - Enterprise Software United States
Paravel Travel United States
Shadowbreak Intl Telecommunications United States
Indicina FinTech Nigeria
Sylndr eCommerce Egypt
OlaClick eCommerce Mexico
Khabri Ed Tech India
Mtor Transportation & Logistics Egypt
Clear Road Transportation & Logistics United States
Afer Enegery Industrial & Energy Nigeria